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Apr 19, 2018

'If you turn up and kill it all day, just try as much as you can and you'll see it come back. If not you know not to do that again and you can try really hard at something else instead' Jay Ludgrove

Returning to the show – today Joey and Jason chat once again to co-founder of GLProUK, Jay Ludgrove, a man who started a...

Apr 17, 2018

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - How to ensure your future is bigger than your past


Todays Power Up comes straight from an article on Medium written by Benjamin P. Hardy


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Apr 12, 2018

“Submit to the process.”

It’s January 74th at The Grind. Or is it the 94th? Either way it’s snowy in Minnesota, where some fool challenged nature to fit four seasons in one week. “Hold my Beer” she said.

This week there’s a whole lot of J’s as Joey and John are joined by Jack Hoss and Josh Koth, former...

Apr 10, 2018

Joey's Tuesday Power Up - Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

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Apr 5, 2018

This week’s episode is all about perspective, whether we gain it from the events in our lives or the people in our lives.

Jason shares a recent perspective-offering life event which occurred two weeks previously when he was feeling exceptionally down in the dumps; he was thrown into a family crisis after his daughter...