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Sep 27, 2018

“You don’t have anything to lose…apart from your house and kids”.


Welcome back to The Grind. This week’s intro see’s Jason displaying his talent for radio voice and telling a story about a specific recurring goal that keeps rearing its head whenever Jason sets out his future aims. Jason talks about how his realisation of this has bought clarity to his life plans, this leads Joey to bring up some of Tim Ferris’s ideas about work life balance and how you can achieve a healthy equilibrium. Also, before the interview the guys talk about setting appropriate goals and whether it is better to set achievable goals or deliberately set them too high.


“There is nothing that’s just business, you might as well say I don’t care”.


Scott Beebe is a business coach, trainer, and strategist who works with groups around the world with his company Business on Purpose. The interview with Scott starts with a discussion about separation of work and life being a delusion and how true freedom only comes from within a framework of boundaries. Joey bring up an analogous anecdote with his marathon training, where he didn’t consider himself a runner when he started but as he attained proficiency he gained freedom to run further. Scott then explains some misconceptions about some people in the business world and how a lot of people who describe themselves as ‘crushing it’ are actually in the process of being crushed. The guys then stress the importance of re-affirming your goals on a regular basis.


“Write the vision down so that those who read it may run”.


Scott brings up a few reasons why you should constantly evangelise your vision (in whatever walk of life) so those around you can feel oriented. He also explains why profit with no direction is chaos, and why although you cannot entirely divorce emotion from business, it is helpful to try in certain situations. Joey uses this context to explain why clarity should be in the forefront of your mind before making any business decisions. In unpacking the previous topic Scott expands on his methodology when it comes to delegation and why it is so important to execute it properly. Scott then goes in depth on his philosophy behind building a cohesive foundation for any company, and how to make it long lasting by using principle instead of strategy. Unable to cover al of the points in one episode Scott squeezes a lot into the last 20 minutes, including some really useful strategic specifics, but will probably be back on the show in the future to drop more nuggets of business expertise.


Scott Beebe is the Founder and Head Coach of, and the host of the Business On Purpose podcast. He liberates Small Business owners from the chaos of working IN their business and helps to get their lives back by articulating and implementing intentional Vision/Mission/Values, Systems, and Processes.


Email –


Linkedin – in/scottbeebe


Twitter - @scottbeebe


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