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Nov 22, 2018

 Welcome back to another episode of the Grind. This episode is a Joey and Jason special, no guest, just Jason fresh off his excursion to ‘soul degree’ and Joey eager to pick his brain about the experience. The guys start off discussing how effective a simple change can be at cascading positive change throughout your life. Jason talks about his need to decrease his tech usage and desire to go deeper in self-analysis. In that vein, Jason begins to breakdown his own psychology, in an attempt to pinpoint some things he can change. After Jason unpacks some of the aspects of his life he is unhappy with, Joey provides some feedback and reassurance and the guys talk about how these issues affect a lot of people. Joey talks about how important it is to tackle these problems step by step, as to prevent being overwhelmed, then Jason and Joey debate how much responsibility it is necessary to assume to effectively solve these problems.

Continuing the psychological exploration Jason discusses how you need to have emotional maturity to solve personal issues, but most people don’t attain the necessary maturity until later in life, when it is harder to fix patterns of behaviour. Jason talks about patience and how it proliferates all aspects of self-improvement, he also touches upon how important alignment is in life in general. The guys then move on to discussing authenticity and not wearing a mask. Forced venerability can be a useful tool and Joey gives us some examples of good ways to harness it.

“Think about it like your Nintendo days, you’re levelling up”

Joey has a realisation and comes up with an analogy for personal growth based on video games, He explains the parallels and the guys explore the idea of looking at your life as a video game character. This metaphor is useful on many levels and can help compartmentalise problems and make them easier to deal with. Joey doesn’t want to end the show but cruel father time forces a conclusion. Till next week stay ‘aligned and grinding’.


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