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Dec 13, 2018

This week’s guests on the grind are Lee Roggenkamp and James Anderson. Lee and James have a combined 16+ years experience in the real estate industry and are both Keller Williams agents. As the title implies, the theme of this episode is reflection, so be ready for the guys to go deep, but not before some top-notch Jokes from Lee.


“Just as fire tempers iron into fine steel, so does adversity temper one’s character into firmness tolerance and determination”.


In this snappy episode Jason asks everyone to share their reflections on 2018 as a whole. To start off James talks about what his year consisted off and some of the things he learned. The guys discuss time management and how ‘top performers’ just don’t do things that don’t immediately matter. For Lee’s reflections he focuses on being grateful for the good things that have happened this year and talks a bit about how he is trying to pay it forward, the volunteering he takes part in and how it has affected his life.


This kicks off a discussion about communication and the guys explore the subject for a bit before Jason and Joey give their reflections. Jason talks about self-awareness and the difficulties he has had this year, then Joey finishes up by talking about how he is grateful for the journey as a whole and he tells a story about a jar of money and a random act of kindness.


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