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Jan 31, 2019

This episode of The Grind we welcome Srinivas Rao to the show. Joey starts the show with another reading from Srini’s book and take a minute to discuss some different perspectives on podcasting. The guys waste no time jumping into the interview, Joey and Jason start by asking Srinivas what inspired him to write his book ‘An Audience of One’. The guys reflect on what it was like riding the wave of early internet culture and what that culture might possibly be doing to the youth of today, growing up with the balance of real and digital interaction.


Joey brings up the subject of measuring success and how hard it is to find a metric to measure meaning. Srinivas talks about being an early adopter of podcasting and how he learned early on that you have to commit to slow organic growth, to in turn gain a community as opposed to just numbers in your social blade statistics. Joey also talks about video and the difference it makes in interacting with people online. Srinivas makes it very clear to not see it as a substitute for real interaction however and then discusses expectations and how we need to overcome decades of social programming.


Next the guys debate success and priorities, Srinivas talks about some pitfalls that everyone should try and avoid whilst pointing out why you shouldn’t base your expectations on past success’s. Finally Joey and Jason ask about distractions and for some tips on how to conserve will power and avoid a reduction in productive capacity. To finish up the guys talk a little bit about Srini’s new project before signing off. Grind on.


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