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Aug 30, 2018

This episode of the grind features guest Dan Waldschmidt, founder of the Edgy empire. Dan Waldschmidt doesn't just talk about success. He's obsessed with it. As a champion ultra-runner and elite strategist to business leaders across the world, Dan pushes the limits of high performance in everything that he does. Whether it is helping a Fortune 100 business grow an emerging business unit by 1,000% year-over-year or showing a new work-from-home entrepreneur how to drive radical progress with limited resources — Dan uses every ounce of his energy to build winners.


“The single most demotivating thing for high performers is being around people who are not like them”.


Joey and Jason give a short intro before the interview, but the guys waste no time jumping into it. The first topic of discussion is accountability. Dan talks about the hiring process and how accountability must start there, the importance of creating an ethos that people can work to and the advantages of weeding out people who can’t keep up or stick to that ethos. Jason poses a question about the extent to which leaders apologise for their success and how to push back against the desire to capitulate. Dan bring it back to accountability and the importance of creating the right team from the start. Joey asks about whether it is the right choice to try and change a problematic team member, or whether it would be better to cut your losses and purge team members who cannot reach parity with the team. Dan covers a range of approaches when extrapolating on this topic.


The guys talk a bit more about methods of seeking out high performance individuals and then Dan describes the sense of destiny he looks for in his desired team members. He talks about his reasons for placing such significance on it and the way he broaches the topic with new team members. Dan also delves into some of the other intense interview techniques he used to sort the wheat from the chaff. Afterwards the guys discuss Dan’s book, Edgy nation and his future literary endeavours. The guys pick Dan’s brain about networking and how to connect with other high-performance individuals, and Jason picks his brain about books he is currently reading and which ones he would recommend. To finish up Jason asks Dan about the hardest challenge he currently faces and the objectives he is prioritising.


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