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Feb 7, 2019

This week on The Grind we are joined by Lars Hedenborg, Lars is the founder of Real Estate B School, and the Co-Founder of High-Performance Real Estate Advisors. Real Estate B-School brings real-world tools, systems and strategies to top producing agents and team leaders. Helping people become less overwhelmed and move closer to the business, and life, they want. Lars’ lead generation websites attract hundreds of thousands of views annually and his team has used every available resource to create a database of over 10,000 buyers. Giving Lars a wealth of knowledge to impart on this episode of The Grind.


The discussion starts with the guys going over some of the intrinsic road blocks that are involved with real estate and how that plays into the high turnover rate of rookie agents. Joey asks Lars for his thoughts on the current forces of disruption that are currently affecting the industry and the guys talk about how real estate is different from other industries in the way that it is reacting to that disruption. Next on the chopping block is the outdated training that most agents receive, Lars talks about how technology has simply nullified some of the more traditional training techniques that used to be used in training


Later in the episode Jason brings up the rivalry between independent agents and those who are part of a team. This leads to a discussion about the importance of learning opportunities and why you need to be aware of the ones that might have otherwise passed you by. Joey extols the virtue of looking at your job as not just a hobby or a nine to five, but an endeavour that may spill into the rest of your life, and how you can deal with that in a positive way. Lars finishes the episode by going over some of the finer points of his programmes and how they have influenced his attitudes towards work and real estate education. Stay Frosty and Grind On.


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