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May 9, 2019

This week’s guest on the grind is Charlie Lawson, Charlie is a long-time fan of the show and real estate business owner for over 12 years. He joins us on the show to discuss leadership in general and techniques to help you be a better leader. After introducing Charlie, the guys jump right into a discussion on the challenges that talent development can pose.


“Lead me, follow me or get the hell out of the way”


Joey Jason and Charlie all have differing reactions to the question, are you a good leader? Joey internalises the question and both Jason and Charlie respond by looking at external sources to gauge their progress. Charlie talks about avoiding being a bully when in a position of power and how important it is to keep those elements of yourself in check. Joey also poses the question are you a good leader, specifically in your family unit, he talks about how this microcosm of leadership can reflect on your ability to lead in other arenas.


Next the guys discuss how language is an underutilized tool for improving leadership, and how odd that is, when the notion of communication being paramount is as ubiquitous as it is. Being a good follower has a whole host of transferable skills that help your ability to lead and being able to switch roles when necessary can be extremely helpful, in not just management but recognizing talent as well.


“If all else fails, try doing what the captain told you to do”.


Knowing when to call out bad ideas is a subtle art that Jason, Joey and Charlie share some ideas on. They then discuss a few final topics, such as, how to ensure that lines of communication say open, the appropriate attitude towards mistakes and disassociating your feelings towards people when engaging with them on a professional basis. And to finish up the guys talk about why you need to focus on being genuine and why really giving a shit is wholly underrated.


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