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Nov 15, 2018

Welcome back to The Grind, this episode features an interview with Paresh Shah Near-futurist, Strategist, Speaker and Yogi. Currently, Paresh is Chief Strategist and Value Architect at The Non-Obvious Company, a global innovation, strategy, mindfulness and leadership consultancy. Before the interview, Joey and Jason discuss some of their recent real-estate endeavours, where they are finding success at the moment and they talk a bit about their unconventional love of phone prospecting. They guys hit full flow state before Jason remembers they are recording a podcast and have an interview to get to.


After a brief introduction the guys get straight into the interview. Joey initially attempts to hone in on Paresh’s definition of a ‘Lifter’, Paresh extrapolates on that and talks about the generational mindset shift we are in the midst of and the impacts of it. This leads to a discussion about how humans categorize people, Paresh’s main goal of raising mass consciousness and how ‘Lifters’ contribute to that. Joey Brings up some points from Paresh’s TED talk and Paresh explores some ideas about the evolution of consciousness. Jason builds upon the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people and asks Paresh about the differentiation he finds between national barriers and consciousness.


“The universe gives us contrast and as an individual you can’t get stuck in the middle”.


The guys move on to a discussion about the technology revolution and how it reflects the revolution in consciousness we are currently undergoing. Paresh also delves into the binary nature of reality and people’s inability to cope with change. The conversation then shifts from macro to micro as Joey puts some hypothetical real-life situations to Paresh to see how he approaches them within his methodology. In unpacking that Paresh tackles fear, excitement, self-control and self-alignment. He then explains his ‘4 Mind Shifts’, steps that he believes are crucial to a positive transformation. The guys all give their conclusions and Paresh leaves us with a final thought before they sign off concluding another great Grind episode.








Tel: (301) 922-9870


Linkedin in/pareshshah1


Twitter: @pareshla


TED talk: Are You a Lifter?


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