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Oct 19, 2017

“The bigger you think, the more people you can help” – Jason Harmon

This week Joey and Jason are joined by Mike Duley, CEO and Co-founder of The Duley Group to talk about late-life career changes, sparsity mindset vs abundance mindset, and the importance of thinking BIG!

For many years, Duley enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before deciding to move into real estate. With encouragement from family and friends, Mike established The Duley Group and has not looked back. The Duley Group has since become one of the fastest growing leading real estate teams in Northwest Arkansas.

The concept of ‘Big Thinking’ is a prevalent theme on The Grind. In real estate, but also in life, the boys agree that small thinking does not benefit anyone, and that growth is dependent on opening one’s mind, pushing oneself to take risks and more importantly, taking action.

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