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Oct 18, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of the grind, 78 episodes into the journey and in keeping with tradition, this week’s 90’s reference is Jerry Maguire. We get an update on Jason’s reading list, Joey weighs in on Jason’s priorities and methodology for self-betterment and the guys tie it in to the rest of todays themes for a nice introduction. Todays guest is Chris Robbins, founder of Soul Degree, the adventure inspired personal development program for men and retreat that has been a topic of conversation on the podcast many times of late. Chris has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Europe and the US in the fields of real estate, food, media and technology which he draws upon for his events.


“I’ve said more to those gentlemen and to you than I have said to anyone… ever”.


Joey begins the interview describing how he first found Chris’s program and in turn Chris describes his first realisations that catalysed the formation of Soul Degree. Chris also talks about the fact that he yearns for those moments of reflection that the retreat creates as much as anyone on the course. Joey asks about the selection process for the course and Chris unpacks how different individuals needs to let lose in nature can influence how they will self-select in a lot of ways. Joey brings up Joe Rogan, his evangelism for the outdoors and talks about people who never leave the city who would love soul degree but don’t know they need it. Jason asks Chris about time management and how Chris achieves a work life balance. The guys then deliberate on the importance of having an outlet and how your psyche can be adversely affected by letting negativity build up. The topic of psychological health leads to a discussion about the guys time in the military and the prevailing societal attitude of ‘suck it up’ and whether or not that idea is feasible long term.


“We have become a society of almost always talking about the weather”.


Joey brings up the film ‘The mask you live in’ and talks a bit about how certain human behaviours, stereotypically associated with men, have been characterised as inherently negative and must be somehow avoided at all costs, the ramifications of which are yet unknown. Chris talks a bit about his childhood, some of his defining moments in his early life and how easy it can be for a child to collapse into their shell. The guys discuss the human need for love, how it motivates most human activity and then we go deep into whether the explosion of social media has helped or hindered human emotional development. The conclusion of this is dependent on what extent you believe social media connections are real and tangible. A majority of the rest of the discussion is about the power of good ideas, the networking and cross pollination that happens when you communicate these and the guys pick Chris’s brain on a few finer points before concluding the show.

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