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Dec 20, 2018

This episode of The Grind Molly helps build, protect and maintain a family business owner’s dynasty. She is one of only 200 Certified Business Exit Consultants, and less than 7% of advisors that utilize all of the fundamentals of wealth management. After seeing her family’s business torn away from her parents, watching them lose their identity and then walking away with almost nothing, Molly decided she wasn’t going to let that happen to other entrepreneurs and family business owners.


To start the episode Joey and Jason have a little pre-interview discussion about escaping inertia and proper prioritisation, they draw analogies between business and exercise and talk about the difficulties people face when trying to figure out the first steps in an endeavour.


The guys begin the interview asking Molly about her beginnings in exit consultancy and how her story started. Molly talks about why exit consultancy is so underutilised and why so many people fail to have an effective exit strategy. Jason and Joey then ask Molly about delegation and she explains why you should embrace it and how it can benefit your work life balance. Next Molly goes into how business owners can be strategic about how to use your time when proper delegation is already in place. Molly also talks about her consultancy in more depth before telling a very inspirational story that involve some difficult recent events in her life. The themes of this week are delegation, time management and how it can help you achieve better work life balance, within the context of building a long lasting business dynasty.



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