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Jan 24, 2019

This week’s episode of the grind starts with another reading of Srinivas Rao by Joey and the guys talk a bit about how Joey’s infectious energy. The first theme of this episode is accountability and Joey talks about how his boot camp is a great study on accountability. Jason explains how he took accountability into account in real estate and Joey tells a story about a coach he had that brought into focus the question of interest versus commitment. Jason brings up the importance of consistency and how it goes hand in hand with self-ownership. ‘Tightening the screws’ as Joey puts it, is a key factor in fostering accountability and how uncomfortable that can be.


The guys then talk about the ‘bold laws’ that Keller Williams implemented and a particular one that Joey likes because it highlights how adversity is an inevitable obstacle to success. They then discuss how seeing adversity as a training opportunity for success is a great way to be more positive. Jason and Joey then wonder if accountability is a trainable trait and how effective you can be in coaching it. Jason explains how integral trust is to accountability and how people perceive you more favourably if they know you are accountable. Joey asks the audience “Can people count on you?” a question worthy of pondering that can give you a moment of reflection and insight about yourself, but only if your honest.


As it turns out, Joeys brother owns a pizza shop and has encountered problems of the same sort, which leads the guys to discuss whether it is a symptom of society as a whole, that this is such a common phenomenon. Joey talks about the need for maturity to understand the importance of being accountable, and why you should treasure the people you find who are genuinely reliable. Joey describes the analogous nature of war to a situation that intensely highlights the need for accountability. The guys then give us some final thoughts before signing off. Grind on.


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