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Jun 26, 2018

Jumping straight back into ‘the grind’ after being on vacation can be difficult. Joey starts this episode by going over some of the difficulties that come with exiting holiday mode. Which Jason segues into discussing some of Joeys recent articles on atheism and rest, his fresh viewing of the film ‘I can only imagine’ and how it’s serendipitous that this week’s guest Jennifer Kern has expertise on all those subjects. After some quick thankyous to the listeners Jason jokes that he is now smoking, in an attempt to emulate joeys dulcet oratory tones. Then we jump into the interview.


“As spiritual beings we want to be seen and heard, valued and known”.


Jennifer Ally Kern is a Lead in Alignment consultant and coach, transformational speaker and an award-winning author. The guys waste no time in delving into the deep subjects, and begin by asking Jennifer her thoughts on why society feels less genuinely connected than ever, when we are more technologically connected than ever before? Jennifer elucidates the value hierarchy of different means of interaction and how authentic connections are often self-evident. Joey then points out the stark contrast that can occur when encountering the polar opposites of personality compatibility, Jennifer refers to the good extreme as ‘Soul recognition’. Opportunities for moments of ‘Soul recognition’ are hard to create but that leads into the discussion of ‘THRIVIESTA’ Jennifers new project.


“This is NOT a business event”


‘THRIVIESTA’ is an evening designed to create an open atmosphere of authentic interaction between people, without the constant spectre of professional networking and social pressures looming over it. Joey and Jason pick Jennifer’s brain about the methodology behind the event and having games and activities that allow people to act within a mindset of childlike openness. The event concludes with a dance party and Joey is very excited to show off his new moves, although Jason doesn’t seem convinced that Joey has actually mastered ‘The Floss’. This does lead to the group discussing the expected and inevitable awkwardness at regular networking events, and how most people try to force connections when they’re not there. Jennifer offers an ethos of focusing on the genuine connections as the business you seek will flow from them more naturally, as opposed to the connections that aren’t because the business tends to not flow from them at all. Joey explains his 20 minute technique for business card distribution at events and how it differs from most peoples “throwing star” technique.


In the next segment Jason introduces his hypothesis that modern social pressures have lead to a reduction in people’s ability to be natural around each other, which has lead to an increase in tribal behaviour and in turn an increased expectation to conform, which is a self-perpetuating pattern. In answering this, the group begin to discuss ‘the mask’ and how people create facades to face the world in place of their genuine selves. Joey proposes that the mask might be a necessity of operating in the modern world, but it should be taken of whenever possible. This subject takes the gang into a heady discussion of unconscious bias and group think, that they manage to present in a networking context. The topic concludes with a discussion on how children never seem to wear a mask and why THRIVIESTA is trying to capture that component at their events.


To finish up this episode Joey and Jason quiz Jennifer about the modern loneliness epidemic, how emojis are a poor substitute for actual emotional expression, the dangers of relying on social media for your interactions and what the best questions to ask people to show that you are listening are. Also Jason challenges the listeners to “take your mask of and go make a genuine connection”


The Grind….now with homework


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