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Jan 18, 2018

“I am a person of action. I inspire others with my activity. I am a leader. Leading is doing. To lead, I must move forward. Many people move out of the way of a person on the run; others are caught in his wake” -  Andy Andrews 


Brian was born in Burlington at 7am – with a five o’clock shadow. He promptly drove his mother home from the hospital.  


He takes a shot of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup each morning.


The only thing he has to fear is fear itself.


He can kill two stones with one bird.  


His middle name is Sell. 

He taught his car how to change its own oil. 


He was once late for an appointment. Once. 


Champ, E.T. and Jimmy Hoffa all claim to have seen Brian Steinmetz.


With an extensive background in creative media arts, Brian’s focus is on finding the character within each home he lists, and presenting its unique qualities front-and-center. His creativity is surpassed only by his wit and easy-to-work-with demeanour. He’s there to listen, and see if the walls can talk. Every house has a story to tell, and nobody can tell a story quite like Brian.  


Fellow realtor and Keller Williams agent, Brian Steinmetz joins Joey and Jason on the Grind to discuss the third decision from Andy Andrews’ book, The Traveller’s Gift.


The third decision – The active decision, outlines affirmations to encourage activity in terms of leadership and decision making. A person of action grasps their future with open hands and runs with it. They make confident decisions regardless of unknown outcomes, knowing that failure can only lead to forward momentum. These are the attributes of a leader. 


A good leader constantly moves forward, they take ownership of their decisions, through failure and success. They are positive, motivated and most importantly, they are courageous. 


Joey, Jason and Brian take time to ponder what it takes to become a person of action. It is agreed that ultimately it comes down to self-discipline. A person that makes an impact on others is never a reactive person. Moreover, they are proactive. They flourish when set loose through the power of their own self-motivation, while many others would flounder.  


Each of the Seven decisions from Andy Andrews’ book – The Traveller’s Gift, can be read here


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