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Jan 25, 2018

“A person without a dream, never had a dream come true” Andy Andrews 


As Joey and Jason head into part four of the Seven Decisions series, they are joined by Brad Schmitz.  As well as being a father of five (with another on the way), Brad Schmitz is a successful businessman and old friend to The Grind’s very own Jason Harmon.


The fourth decision from Andy Andrew’s book – The Traveller’s gift, is titled “The Certain Decision – I have a decided heart”. The chapter revolves around the concept of direction-control and destiny. A person with a decided heart has the ability to exercise the power of their own control and wakes up daily with passion for opportunity and a vision for the future.


While the concept may seem simple, the boys agree that this particular decision could perhaps be one of the hardest. Many of us will go through life letting opportunities pass us by, with fear of what might happen if we decided to take a risk and grasp such opportunities without hesitation. A decided heart is one that does not procrastinate on these decisions. They do not look back and they confront their problems head on. 


Joey, Jason and Brad go on to discuss the struggles and joys of parenting, home-schooling and entrepreneurship, and how the message of “the certain decision” can be practiced in every aspect of life.


Each of the Seven decisions from Andy Andrews’ book – The Traveller’s Gift, can be read here.


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