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Feb 1, 2018

“Just as a fresh breeze cleans smoke from the air, so does a grateful spirit remove the cloud of despair” – Andy Andrews 


When confronted with adversity, it is very easy for a person to head down a dark and lonely path. It takes a great amount of mental fitness to be able to take control of negative emotions and turn them into positive ones. The Joyful Decision teaches us affirmations to turn adversity into gratitude, and to wake up every morning with a smile – greeting the day with the choice to be happy. 


This week Joey and Jason are joined by fellow Keller Williams agent, Lee Roggenkamp as they discuss Decision 5 – The Joyful Decision. 


It is hard to listen to Lee Roggenkamp speaking without feeling instantly more positive. Lee’s elevated level of mental fitness and glass-half-full outlook on life has stemmed from his personal choice to simply be a happy person. His personal Big Why is “to positively influence every person I meet and to faithfully become the person that exceeds the expectations of those I serve”. It is this attitude that allows him to wake up every morning and seize the day, despite any negativity that may cross his path. 


Of course, the idea of simply “choosing happiness” is easier said than done. However, with simple actions such as spending time with friends, or even just simply smiling, can make the biggest difference to a person’s mental state. 

Each of the Seven decisions from Andy Andrews’ book – The Traveller’s Gift, can be read here. 


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