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Feb 14, 2019

"You should interrogate every minute".


This week Joey joins Jason from Fort Knox and the guys start the show with a little bit of a catch up. They talk about how even though they get less opportunities to speak to each other than most friends, their conversations are probably more meaningful because of the podcast. Joey tells us about the new book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, and how it suggests that you view your time as a ‘Concrete and valuable substance’. He brings up some points from the book and talks about striking a balance between relaxing and being productive, so as to not waste time.


"Think about all the minutes you have wasted this month".


Jason then explains the dichotomy in his life that affects a lot of people, in that he felt like half entrepreneur/businessman and half creative hippie and how it has affected his mindset. This leads Joey and Jason to the law of diminishing returns when it comes to time expended and happiness gained. The guys then move on to discussing choices and the constant internal battle with your own hedonism, Jason builds on this by talking about the pressure of the constant growth dynamic and how both cause a strain on your psyche.


"If you cant see a path to joy, you might be wasting your time".


Joey and Jason then start to discuss the finite nature of the human condition and how all of the extraneous noise of our lives all falls away towards the end. They contemplate the topic for a while and discuss how focusing on spending time with family and friends is a must. If you want to be content at the end of your journey. The logical next step the guys explore is to do with deciding when to sacrifice the required time that allows you to be with your friends and family to the extent that you want. Grind on.


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