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Nov 23, 2017

“We need to have self-awareness to succeed” – Kellen Kautzman

This week on The Grind, Jason and Joey welcome internet marketing expert, consultant and public speaker Kellen Kautzman to the podcast to talk about self-awareness, authenticity and Kellen’s new bestselling book, “Everybody’s Doing It”.

As well as being a relative of The Grind’s very own Jason Harmon, Kellen Kautzman is the owner of internet marketing company Send It Rising and manages a team of over twenty internet marketing professionals. With a master’s degree in education as well as five years’ experience as a teacher of both English and Spanish, Kautzman transitioned into his career as an internet marketer and public speaker, and has been featured on various shows and podcasts.

Kellen’s proficiency in public speaking has been built from years of working in the education industry, however it is the authenticity of his nature that truly captivates his audience. Kellen explains that when a person accepts that they can do no more than simply be themselves, it becomes much easier to reach out to people on an emotive level and really connect with them as an audience.

“Everybody’s Doing It” guides readers through the world of internet marketing, taking the complexity out of SEO and ultimately helping businesses adapt their advertising strategies in the new digital world.  In this podcast Kellen not only talks about this book, but gives us a couple of golden nuggets of advice when it comes to internet marketing strategy.

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