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Mar 29, 2018

“Where effort meets opportunity.” – John Lee Dumas 


Are you ready for the grind… 


This week, after some last minute technical wizardry, an audibly excited Jason and Joey are joined by legend of podcasting John Lee Dumas (or JLD as they affectionately call him). This is his third of twenty-five interviews scheduled for the day, an unenviable task he’s organised in 15-minute blocks allowing him to maximise his time.   


Clearly a dedicated man, JLD is the creator of Entrepreneur on Fire, pulling in 1.3 million listeners and generating a seven-figure income, a figure he happily publishes for the public. Why would he do this? He values transparency, so people can emulate his achievements and avoid the same pitfalls.   


Regaling us with tales of success, JLD espouses the value of steady incremental improvement, encouraging us to hone our skills. “Get up and do the thing.” Every day we do this is a day when we’ve learnt, when we’ve grown. A man who practices what he preaches, he is scheduled to hit his 2000th episode in mid-April.     


In a serendipitous moment, drawing up memories of episode 46, John drops a value bomb on us… 


“Say no.”  


Though he started off as a yes person, about which he has no regrets, given where he is now in life, he sees the value of listening to his gut and saying no to things that just don’t feel right.  


On the other hand… 


“Say yes to things that are a hell yes.”     


So what advice would an 80-year-old JLD give to himself? “Chill out.” Something many of us could do with heeding. We don’t need to worry about where we are in life, whether we should be further ahead, just make sure to give value to people do what we enjoy. After all, we’re better off earning less so we can do what we love. Just as importantly though, avoid a long commute, no-one wants to look back on that! 


After JLD departs to carry on his marathon schedule, Jason and Joey reflect on how he has found what works for him, found his radio personality, and admire his ability to call people out, even when it is about their own lighting set-up. 

If there is one thing to take away from this show it’s this… Show up every day, get better, say no more. 

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