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Apr 26, 2018

“What stands between you and the kind of relationships you really want to have is usually a 10 minute sweaty palmed conversation you’re too afraid to have”

This week Joey and Jason welcome Mike Robbins to the show.

Mike is an author, thought leader and sought-after keynote speaker who teaches people, leaders, and teams to infuse their lives and businesses with authenticity and appreciation.

The topic of the day is ‘getting personal’. After 17 years of working with some of the most successful, well-known companies around today Mike Robbins has collected a staggering amount of data regarding what makes the perfect condition for high-performance in a team, and the results may surprise you…

“Liberate yourself from the pressure to be perfect and in doing so GIVE others the permission to do the same.”

As an ex-baseball player, Mike had often noticed how sometimes he would come across a team where the talent of the individuals was outstanding – yet the team itself failed to gel and thus didn’t realise its potential. He also had the opposite experience, where the team skill level was comparatively unexceptional, yet the chemistry, synergy and depth of the bond between them enabled them to become something very special, performing brilliantly together.

Mike worked out that this paradox of team dynamics was a human phenomenon, born from the notion of “psychological safety” – trust at a group level

In this episode Mike Robbins shares his expertise on how to cultivate and nurture psychological safety within a team environment, and the pivotal roles that vulnerability and authenticity play in creating human connection.

“Authenticity = Honesty – Self-Righteousness + Vulnerability”

He shares practical, actionable advice as well as exercises to try in a team or work setting such as, “The Appreciation Seat” and “If you really knew me…”

In this truly great episode absolutely jam-packed with concise, positive take-aways, the guys discuss ‘Authenticity vs Honesty’ (or worse: HR Honesty!), separating recognition from appreciation, vulnerability in the military, and debate the juicy question, “Is it OK to cry at work?”

Mike Robbins’ latest book, “Bring Your Whole Self To Work” is available now for pre-order from

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