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May 22, 2017

“It’s never been easier to get people’s attention. It’s also never been more difficult to keep their attention.” Jason Harmon

In today’s digital world, your voice competes with millions of others for attention, recognition, or business. Living as a ‘secret agent’ is not an option: whether talking real estate or any other industry, it is imperative that people know what you do. So how do you achieve this? Today Jason and Joey (Tork & Harms) make the case for relentless attention seeking. 

Today’s recommended extra-curricular learning is a 50 minute YouTube keynote lecture from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk that highlights how an enormous level of consistency and patience will be fundamental to your success. “Up until this video I was fighting social media,” Joey admits. “Now I’ve stopped fighting it and made it part of my life.” Citing examples from their own businesses - as well as Gary Vee’s Wine Library which took seven years of content delivery before gaining any traction - Joey and Jason agree on the importance of not giving up hope if your content fails to quickly attract an audience. Give it time, stay consistent, keep patient, and it will grow exponentially.

The conversation discusses how it will not always be fun. Joey confesses that at times he has grown tired of the routine and his own voice while producing weekly Facebook Live videos - but also believes that failing to consistently deliver this content would compound his reputation. “Every single week that attention exists - and I’m grasping it from something else.” “And is it supposed to be fun?” Jason questions. “I don’t think it is. We present it as if we’re having fun, but it’s our business.”

The boys discuss the pitfalls of self doubt. “Most people have these self-limiting beliefs - I don’t have any value to add, no one wants to listen to what I have to say,” Jason explains, once of such mentality but now ‘literally giving no fucks’. He now has a ‘hyperfocus’ on creating daily content for his website, while his personal Facebook profile pushes all new listings from his agency, meaning that certain individuals will get ‘50 notifications with my face on it’. “You have to be out there - almost to the point of ridiculous.”

The podcast concludes on something of a meta note, self-referencing itself as evidence of the importance of relentless content production that does not waver simply because the numbers aren’t right. “How many people will hear this show? Four? But a year from now, we’ll have built up our content, and maybe someone who has just tuned into Episode 52 will go back and catch up from Episode 1.”

You will annoy people. You will get tired of your own voice. You will publicly embarrass your wife with giant name tags. But stick it out and those results will come.

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