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May 28, 2020

Joey Torkildson and Jason Harmon draw the curtains on an era, hanging up their microphones after the last ever episode of the Ungrind.

In it they reflect on the themes that have remained constant throughout the show, such as the importance of being present in the moment and not being consumed by obsessing over productivity.

Jason confesses an addiction to profit driven productivity but is increasingly better at concentrating on the 'juice of life' instead. Joey explains how he has been able to push his own 'anxiety avatar' away from his shoulder and towards the back of the room, where its whispers of 'you should be...' can still be heard but not always that audibly.

The last of over 150 tête-à-têtes ends with Jason and Joey expressing gratitude for the journey to date and the opportunities they have had to discuss it with one another, nicely wrapped up with Joey's admiration for a hypothetical ant.