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Oct 26, 2017

“If you have the opportunity to be the best that you can be, you’re going to open doors of opportunity for others in your world” Cari Heibel

This week, Jason and Joey are joined by fellow realtor, coach and accomplished Keller Williams team leader Cari Heibel, as they discuss the focus and dedication it takes to achieve major goals.

Cari Heibel’s commitment and contagious passion for helping others has lead her to a prosperous career in Real Estate. Having joined Keller Williams in 2012 as a team leader, her efforts and focus have led the company to exponential growth, becoming the number one real estate office in the state of Minnesota in closed transactions.

Cari’s driving force and sheer enthusiasm derives from her acute ability to focus. Using a combination of self-discipline and positive mindsets, Cari has been able to set herself targets and achieve them time after time, propelling her and her team further into a whirlpool of success. Heibel explains that when she sets a major goal, she develops a heightened awareness towards it. By surrounding oneself with constant reminders of the goal they wish to achieve, one is much more likely to manifest a result. Cari uses the example of her goal to recruit one hundred agents to her company. When she set this target, she created physical and mental reminders such as changing her computer password to words that would trigger her subconscious, bringing her goal back into mind. She also explains that once you have created a positive mindset towards your goal, it becomes increasingly easier because you you are training your brain to want to achieve these positive outcomes.

Cari goes on to explain that when a goal is set, a key part of being able to focus on it is down to protecting your time fiercely. Many people are unable to achieve their goals simply due to their inability to say no when it comes to meetings and appointments with individuals that may distract you from your objectives. Cari says that although some of these individuals may be disappointed, you will ultimately be doing them and yourself a disservice by saying “yes” and trying to fit them into a schedule that would be much better devoted to achieving the goals that will bring more opportunity to more people.

It is this yearning to give opportunity to others that makes Cari such an accomplished team leader and coach. By her own goal achievements, she has been able to help others achieve theirs. Cari believes that we each have the ability to set goals, to focus and be positive, whether we decide to or not is our choice.

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