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Sep 21, 2017

“Content is King and Consistency is Queen.”
Jay Ludgrove

Social media isn’t going anywhere and can’t be ignored but can it be used as a part of the sales persons arsenal and podcasting is the easiest way to show people your genuine self as well as building an audience of prospective customers without ever selling to them!

Today’s guest is Jay Ludgrove a man who started a Production company and Social Media agency with his business partner based around creating killer social content but never forgetting the reason for marketing via social media…… SALES!  Rather than listening to social media ‘experts’ talk about how outbound sales is dead, he walks the walk and uses social media as a way of supporting the sales activities of the companies that his agency works with.

Jay, Jason and Joey reminisce of when they first started to speak and were sure that Jay was running a scam and how being genuine can overcome even the worst of your client’s fears. The three J’s the discuss how to interview and be interviewed using the real-life example of when they started working together.

After that Jay gives a beginner’s guide to start a killer podcast without too much technical jargon and how easily you can create content out of nothing and hitting record is the most important part. The guys talk about being genuine and getting real by letting your audience see you for who you are and how to cut through the noise and differentiate yourself not only on social media but also in sales.

Finally, the boys talk about the power of firing a client and only working with people you want to work with. Life is too short to be forced to work with clients that make you cringe and that it can be a defining moment in your sales career where you take control back over your confidence and learn not to say yes to every single deal out of desperation.




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