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Jun 22, 2017

Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face.”
Mike Tyson

You’ve just got to have faith in the future”
Molly Murphy LaFleche

While we all harbour that ambitious entrepreneurial dream of owning a bar, restaurant or sports team, most won’t try - and those who do will largely give up as soon as The Grind kicks in. Not Molly Murphy LaFleche however, who details her journey to date as this episode’s special guest, described by Joey as a ‘true testament to The Grind’.

Molly has proven herself as an adept negotiator of The Grind through two extraordinary professional achievements. She boldly entered the financial advice industry at the ripe age of 21, now trading as Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company in an industry where turnover can be as high as 94%. More recently, after 13 years of planning, her and her husband Thomas have opened Brunson’s pub in St. Paul, Minnesota, otherwise referred to as their ‘only child’.

Both were the result of enormous levels of personal determination, commitment, and persistence. Joey and Jason quiz Molly on her ability to cope with rejection and failure early in one’s career, valuing the insight she offers as a woman who started at a young age. Confessing that in the early days she found herself wanting to quit many times, Molly has key advice for anyone in a similar position - it is critical you surround yourself with the right people who can provide support and empathy, whether professional or personal.

Now Molly speaks of having such confidence that her reaction to a ‘no’ is ‘your loss’. The trio discuss where this confidence derives from, a big emphasis placed upon education: go into meetings backed up by an immense understanding of what you are talking about and assert yourself as more knowledgeable than the person you are speaking to. This will be acknowledged and respected.

Afterwards Molly goes over the inspiring Brunson’s story, explaining the challenges and struggles of this new venture, while holding it up as a star example of ‘if you don’t quit, you win’. Discussion moves on to time management - Jason, Joey and Molly all agree as to the importance of being careful what you say ‘yes’ to as your diary becomes more congested.
“When you are saying yes to something,” Molly states. “You are saying no to something else - make sure you know what you saying no to.”

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