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Jun 29, 2017

Love tries to help; passive aggression tries to look helpful.” 
Dan Waldschmidt 

Joey and Jason are delighted to be joined by national bestseller and business strategist, Dan Waldschmidt - in his words, “just a person that likes to push limits [who] provides radical help for people who want it”. 

Dan's book, Edgy Conversations, does just that by - in Joey’s words - “punching you in the face”. The episode is a discussion of numerous facets of Dan’s book, the drive for which was over 100 interviews and stories of inspiring “little guys who became big guys”. Edgy Conversations is a non-sugarcoated attempt at providing professional development for those who have not yet figured out how to get out of bed in the morning. 

With a brutally honest opening, in which Dan discusses moments of bleak depression and near suicide, he discusses how everyone has an equally impactful story: it’s just a question of whether you use it to turn your life around, or whether you use it to reinforce a narrative of being a loser who never catches a break. 

Another theme of the book visited is giving and gratitude - what you may think is generosity is often just convenient for you; true giving comes from inconveniencing one’s self. True giving inspires gratitude, and when one is grateful, they give more. And the crux of the matter is that the number one way to make money is to help somebody out: “Look at the iPhone,” says Dan. “If you can’t help people, you’re worthless. 

Dan goes on to bemoan the notion of keeping up appearances, attempting to project images that are known to be false: “We’re spending time pretending to be awesome instead of just working on being awesome.” No one is perfect, everyone wants to be a better person, everyone is vulnerable, and screw ups are inevitable. Failure to recognise this is guaranteed to result in wasted time and effort. 

Jason further questions Dan on the chapter of his book in which he draws contrasts between love and passive aggression, the latter often disguising itself as the former. Avoid passive aggression, Dan advises: it emerges when we lack the confidence to confront properly, compensating instead of handling that one additional challenge.

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