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Feb 6, 2020

Take a breathe. Pause for thought. Let it go.

Today's chat starts with Jason recounting a recent experience of being stuck in a snow ditch while driving - and how he has learned to not waste his energy on being angry about the things we can't control. Joey similarly invokes the example of a woman who left him an expletive centred voicemail at 2am, highlighting the importance of letting things go. 

The conversation moves on to unconsciousness - the things we all do without realising it - and the value in taking a pause, whether in conversation or whilst reflecting on ourselves. Jason shares that his inability to do so in the past made him such a negative burden on his family that they often preferred not to have his company. 

At a time when many have been taking part in the '10 year challenge' of comparing their present selves to a 2010 version, the episode concludes with a discussion on reflection in general. Are you in a better place - spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically - than you were a decade ago?