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May 2, 2019

This week’s guest on The Grind is Ed Eppley. Ed is a global expert in professional management, sales strategy, and performance management. Acting as principal consultant for the Table Group, a Patrick Lencioni Company, and operator of The Eppley Group, his clients include a “Who’s Who” of business category leaders such as BMW, Bloomberg, Battelle, DSW and Goodyear. As a facilitator of the Course for Presidents at Aileron in Tipp City, Ohio, Ed helps private business owners apply professional management disciplines to identify and correct workplace problems.


“A great talent developer needs to be willing to act with no promise of reward, but a great boss has some room to be an asshole”


Ed tells Joey about his life as an entrepreneur, how he filed his first tax return at thirteen, realised he was a bad employee at forty, but throughout was working on improving his entrepreneurial acumen and growing his business’s. Ed explains to Joey how most entrepreneurs are always too static for the markets they work in, mainly due to what most people believe to be ‘tried and tested’ or ‘proven’ products or marketing strategies. Joey asks how you can alleviate this, and Ed points out that being more selective with your customers is one way, but there will always be a percentage of people who are just too inflexible. Joey and Ed also talk about balancing your company’s survival with trying to not obsess over chasing profit.


Joey asks Ed what the number one pitfall for business’s is in his experience. To which Ed talks about lack of focus and how companies almost always try to do too much, and often find themselves outside of their area of expertise. Some other questions that Joey asks are. What makes a great manager? How do strategies change as companies grow? Who should read ‘Let’s Be Clear’? and what lead Ed to write the book to begin with? Enjoy this interview with Ed Eppley and till next week, Grind On.


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