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Jun 21, 2018

“It’s not about the race, enjoy the training”

The boys start early this week, on the positive side of ‘Costa Rican time’. This week is a Joey and Jason special and despite being 61 episodes in, the technical difficulties are still rearing their ugly head. Prompting a quick Zoolander reference and a good laugh. Jason recaps his recent trip to Mexico and his subsequent battle with illness and general malaise. The later of which subsided with a walk on the beach and remembering that life is pretty good overall. Jason and Joey then discuss how people often spend a lot of time and energy chasing some transcendent moment, whereas if you pay attention you can find small moments of inspiration and clarity every day. Even something you are looking forward to, like a vacation can be an obstacle in noticing those small moments.

“Put your phone down! It’s not that difficult”

After Joey realises how much he says ‘here’s the thing’ and ‘it’s interesting how’. He jumps into a rundown of the ‘Soul Degree’ trip he took recently, An adventure inspired personal development program designed for men. Joey delves into the methodology the retreat takes and the main aims of the program, like being more present and aware. Jason and joey go discuss some of the benefits of the program, like all the candidates ‘self-selecting’, what this means for the group dynamic and the importance of being out in nature.

“The best leaders ask the best questions because they listen”

The guys find themselves on the familiar topic of leadership once again, When talking about the coaches at ‘Soul degree’ and how they are effective. Joey and Jason talk a little about the best way to tell if someone is really listening to you. Also they examine the fact that most people are terrified of awkward silences and how that plays a large part in stopping people from being genuinely attentive. In reviewing the trip Joey deliberates on the advantages of helping people figure things out themselves, instead of dogmatic instruction.


Towards the end of the show Jason and Joey peer into the future and approach some concepts that are taking hold in the current zeitgeist. Jason introduces the idea of energy management as opposed to time management and the benefits of working more in tune with your body. The guys also contend the superiority of a less rigorously regulated work schedule.


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