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Feb 15, 2018

This week Jason and Joey chew the fat with “Junior Grandmaster” himself, Real Estate titan Greg McDaniel.

Greg has been described as one of the hardest working agents in the business, but is also renowned for co-hosting the podcast Real Estate Uncensored, coaching and motivational speaking. Still he still finds unwavering energy to dedicated time to extremely prolific social media output, notably featuring Facebook Live cold calling all of which the guys discuss at length. 

Right off the bat, Greg candidly discloses that he didn’t always have such a disciplined work ethic and thirst for success. His journey to Real Estate Titan began with an unremarkable academic history, leaving college prematurely to unenthusiastically enter the work place, at first as a ‘grunt’s grunt’ in a factory and then for his father, Grandmaster of Real Estate, Terry McDaniel. With no drive, focus or motivation, he describes how he would frequently show up for work hungover in flip flops. Eventually, under his father’s tutelage and hours door knocking until he had holes in his shoes, he experienced a taste of wild success. Greg reminisces that though this should have been a turning point, he unfortunately became “another kind of douche”. However, his days of fast cars, exuberant lifestyle and frivolous spending were numbered as the market crashed and he found himself bankrupt, experiencing foreclosure and losing everything.

It was at this point, with $35 to his name, that he made the decision to tuck in to a big slice of humble pie and start from scratch; door knocking, cold calling, climb the ladder and commit to THE GRIND.

Greg passionately describes this turning point as pivotal in his decision to ‘give back’ through the podcast and social media, that he would give as much as he can so that others will never have to fail if they don’t want to – regardless of whether or not they have the resources for coaching. The guys discuss how the sharing of difficult stories and pain can empower people to be vulnerable and transparent.

In this uplifting episode, Jason, Joey and Greg jovially discuss many pearls of wisdom regarding attitudes to the word “No”, building up the callous and finding the humor in rejection. Choc-full of sage advice, anecdotes and laughs they chat about the nurture, successful podcasting and content building, dangers of our instant-gratification culture, frosty realities of door-knocking in Minnesota and how changing your acquisition goals from a ‘yes’ to ’50 no’s’ can result in more deals than ever…


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