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Apr 25, 2019

“Surrendering to life is easy when everything is going great”.


This week on the Grind Joey and Jason continue the discussion about surrendering to life and the different approaches to achieving that end. But first Joey explains the meaning of ‘Namaste’ a phrase often banded around with no awareness of its deeper connotations. And one that Joey and Jason started using at Soul Degree, so Joey explains the context of its regular use.


“Get your likes and dislikes out of your own way”.


Jason and Joey begin their conversation by talking about individual tolerances, when it comes to implementing a psychological method like ‘surrendering to life’. Comparing the tangible results and difficulties with following through that can be experienced when starting out in different circumstances. Joey asks whether you can overcome absolute tragedy to reach a place of positivity and he mentions a tip from the illustrious Kendal Torkildson, where one can look at hardships as a test of your ability to roll with it.


“Time and again I was seeing that if I could handle the winds of the current storm, they would end up blowing in some great gift”.


Jason begins to talk about how Extreme emotional states, whether positive or negative, can both display the same symptoms of hesitation, procrastination and self-doubt. The guys also make a point of explaining how letting go is a skill you can hone, and how you can improve through careful self-analysis. Like all the episodes of the Grind, Joey and Jason lace personal and insightful anecdotes throughout this episode, but as the subject matter gets deeper, these become more instrumental to why Joey and Jason are good communicators. Enjoy this week’s episode, and Grind on.


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