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Mar 14, 2019

This week’s episode is a free-flowing conversation between Joey and Jason about ‘Brules’ or bullshit rules. The subject of society’s expectations and unquestioned traditional ideas can be expansive topic to cover, Joey and Jason put it in the context of self-improvement so as to be more manageable. The first aspect Joey brings up is about the things we are not supposed to share about ourselves i.e. money or personal matters, and how we can attempt to let go of some of that stigma. The guys then discuss the process of separating yourself from your emotions, implementing self-awareness in the moment and when to internalise emotional reactions for self-reflection.


Jason talks about the key to happiness being self-discipline and how that is inextricably linked to avoiding temptation. Joey mentions how societal programming bears most of the blame for our difficulties in that regard and brings up the example of Mowgli from ‘the Jungle Book’. His innocence versus the archetypes that are presented to his character from society serve as a great universal metaphor for growing up. After discussing the subjective nature of normality, Jason and Joey really hit home the point that bad habits lead to diminishing options.


Joey talks a bit about why he deleted most of his social media presence and people’s disbelief when he tells them. The guys then move on to Jason’s eighty-hour work week and whether Jason can improve his situation with a change in mindset and outlook. Jason talks about the pressure to step up and perform that owning a business forces upon you and Joey asks Jason to define what ‘doing what it takes’ means to him. Finally, the guys talk about the importance of calling your friends out on their bullshit and they remind us to question whether each action you take brings you closer to fulfilment. Grind on


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