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Sep 20, 2018

“Your programming leads to your thoughts, thoughts lead to your feelings, feelings lead to your actions and actions lead to results”.


Welcome back to another episode of The Grind. Jason and Joey start the episode reflecting on last week’s discussion and Jason opening up to the audience. The guys talk a bit about the importance of critiquing yourself, not getting comfortable with your perspective and constantly trying to broaden it. Joeys unpacks that further by expanding on his definition of awareness and speaking about why you should reach for joy in your everyday life. The guys then discuss why you should start at the foundations when building on your philosophy and how the interconnected nature of becoming more positive allows for exponential growth when executed properly. Joey relates this to the real estate industry, he asks the question “I this a science”? and Jason postulates on why emotional feedback can’t be quantified.


“Donate to something….and DON’T take credit for it”


Jason takes the subjects previously discussed and talks about them in terms of leadership and inspiration, how to make practical progress based of those methods. Joey adds another brick to the foundational philosophy they have been discussing with the value of gratitude and operating with no expectations. Then the guys get into the meat of the episode, selflessness. The emphasis is on how you can pragmatically implement various methodologies across your life. sometimes the vague axiomatic language used in these discussions make the ideas difficult to execute in a concrete way. Joey and Jason talk about the Psychological rewards that you might be missing that help you keep going, and why you might not think you have to change your mindset, but you probably do. As always the guys drop some salient anecdotes to back up their points.


“Is today going to be a good day, or a great day”.


Joey and Jason discuss some further techniques for changing your outlook and also give some reasons why you should be intolerant of mediocrity. Joey talks about his dislike for self-obsessed behaviour and the ways you can spot symptoms of that mindset. He’s on such a roll Joey almost doesn’t stop this episode, but Jason manages to lasso him in. Before signing off the guys talk about and their friends battles with ALS. Check out the website and donate. Grind out.


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