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May 31, 2018

This week on the Grind, Joey and Jason are joined by Tanner Schweitzer, founder of RAW (recreation athletic wellness) and Medieval Rush, the longest running mud run in North Dakota.

After a short reminiscence on their high school sports careers Tanner gives us a rundown of ‘Medieval Rush’. the 5.1-kilometre mud run’s benefits and broad nature of it’s applicants. Tanner’s experiences with the mini ‘spartan challenge’ leads nicely into the guys talking about how fear of the unknown can lead to sitting on the side-lines in regret. And the negative mindset that entails

In the next segment Tanner explains how a car crash he had during his high school wrestling days changed his outlook on life. At first in a negative way, then after some personal realisations transformed into a catalyst for positivity.

If your bad at something, jump into it”

Touching on the earlier theme of fear, the guys bounce around the idea of why tough guys don’t do yoga and why it is important to evolve in life, educate yourself and at least try to get past your fears. They also discuss whether if you can harness it will actually help you live life to a fuller extent, and the importance of being aware of something greater than yourself.

People say wellness can be expensive, but think about how expensive illness is.”

The underlying theme of this episode is really about being proactive. The term Tanner uses is Pre-habilitation. The idea of pre-emptively changing your life before the negative repercussions of neglect rear their head. He talks about the difficulties certain personality types have when it comes to implementation of techniques, and the importance of starting slow.

The final topic of discussion is a general critique of modern approaches to exercise, which is ironic because the problem with the modern approach is that it is stuck in the past. The advances of science have not trickled down to education and thus our children have been led to believe falsehoods about the healthiest way to live. As Tanner says “We have become Mice chasing cheese”.

Whether you are training for a sporting event, getting back into shape after a fitness lapse, or just looking for a fun and positive outlet, RAW and Tanner offer a unique approach to fitness for everyone.”

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