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Oct 31, 2018

In this special episode of The Grind Joey is at the Hergenrother Realty Group event ‘Advance’, sitting down with Matt Kelderman from ‘The only real estate podcast worth listening to’ and James Anderson from Joey’s own team. We join the guys as they sit down for breakfast in Burlington, Vermont to chew the fat.


“If you just chillaxed a little bit, opportunities would present themselves”.


Joey begins the discussion talking about the issues people face, not just in realty but in commission only sales in general, when focusing on microcosms of your work instead of the macro picture. Stress, relationships and leadership are all up for grabs as they guys unpack the concept of relaxing and focusing on tangible targets.


“Our worst enemies are distractions and lack of presence”.


The next discussion is on social media, marketing yourself and the downsides and benefits to your business and life. The guys talk a bit about their own Facebook habits and some various techniques they have encountered, before telling some anecdotes about the practical application of wider business philosophies.


“Our millennial clients are some of our easiest clients to deal with”.


The previous topic leads on to a discussion about the pendulum swing of technologies affect on sales and also the wider ramifications of the digital age itself. Within this the guys touch upon the importance of taking time away from your phone and connected technology in general, which in turn leads to a talk about work life balance. Joey, Max and James then go in depth and tie all of the aforementioned subjects together into practical, real estate advice.


Here endeth the lesson, Grind Out.


Matt Kelderman's Podcast


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