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Mar 7, 2019

“Redemption is the salvation of a soul that is lost, usually from human error”.


Jason and Joey return for episode 98 of the Grind, Redemption Road. The guys waste no time jumping into the theme of the episode and they start by defining redemption, and what it means to them. Joey talks about the destiny aspect of when you are doing what you are supposed to do. Joey then describes how redemption is akin to the hero’s journey and he delves into some points from ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday. Jason talks about the position he finds himself in, and how he understands that you have to surrender to the process sometimes to actually progress. Jason then talks about rejection, how it can physically affect you and control you subconsciously.


“It sounds sexy to say ‘Fail Forward’, but guess what, in order to fail forward you actually have to fail”.


Joey reminds the audience that there is always someone worse off, especially those who are yet to realise where they are failing. Jason describes how when you are going through a tough time it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Joey and Jason then talk a bit about how you can transform yourself with discipline, but it requires honest conversations with yourself. This leads the guys to reflect on the nature of the conversations that they have on the podcast and why most people never have conversations on that wavelength.


“If you don’t like your story, you need to figure out how to change it”


The final topic the guys cover is the ending of your life movie, or the finish line of the race. Whatever it is for you, if the ending was now, how would you feel. The guys see this as a great catalyst for action and they weigh up why disregarding what people who aren’t important to you think is important. Lastly Jason talks about why you need someone to talk to about the real things in your life, the advice is simple, find someone to talk to. Grind on.


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