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Sep 13, 2018

“If not now when? and if not us then who?”


Welcome back to The Grind, and another Joey and Jason special. The episode starts with Joey extolling the virtues of juicing and Jason talking about a neuro-supplement he is trying out. The topic of trying new things leads to an in-depth discussion about excess and how to manage excess with sometimes counter-intuitive techniques. Annie Grace is mentioned with some of her philosophy on the subject in mind and the guys talk about moderation and reaching 100 percent by aiming for 80 or 90.


“Every leader thinks about throwing in the towel at some point”


The next segment starts with a discussion Joey’s upcoming coaching skills camp, accountability and coaching in general. Drawing from their military experience the guys talk about how a lot of people in leadership positions don’t realise it until they have left the position. Jason describes some of the qualities that a leader should embody, primarily perseverance and an ability to change with your environment. Joey adds some insight about investing in yourself and improving your skills through instructional programs and mentoring. The guys then delve deep into an exposition on the nuance of leadership.


“I’ve grown more in the last year and a half than my first thirty-seven”


Jason begins the next section discussing ‘BOLD’ a programme at Keller Williams, of which Jason is a 3-tour veteran. This session however was more impactful than his previous attendances, which the guys attribute to his repeated attempts finally paying off. Staying away from spoiler territory, Jason reached some important realisations during the session that he attempts to unpack for the audience. Jason describes some axiomatic points he has gleamed from pondering on the subject and Joey talks about most people’s inclination to laziness and procrastination. For the final section of this episode Jason and Joey explore the pain that inevitably accompanies personal growth and the fact that the fear of that pain alone is what stops most people from attempting growth in the first place. Also…. unicorn serial is a thing now apparently, Grind On.


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