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May 17, 2018

“Don’t ask questions that start with the word why…”

Get there by asking the how and the what.

Wassssuuuuup!? Jason and Joey are coming straight at you from the 1990’s, but fortunately the content is as fresh as ever.

Gracing us with her presence this week is Jodee Bock, founder of Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting. She boasts 15 years’ experience and an enviable repertoire of books, as well as a proud unbroken record, inspiring the Facebook community every morning since 2009.

Her new book ‘Say What’ most certainly gets Jason and Joey going. It may be tiny and ideal to carry with you, but don’t be fooled, the contents are ‘huge’.

The book was so ready to burst out of her it practically wrote itself and if you want to emulate her achievements then she has some sage advice… Get yourself some bath crayons.

We quickly learn from Jodee that life is not about wishful thinking. It’s all about Riskful Thinking.

Using the book as a source of inspiration, we are taken on a journey of thought provoking ideas, which begins by flipping the clichéd ‘what it is that you are grateful for’ on its head, asking instead ‘Who is grateful for you?’.

We should strive to be a giver and…

“Give what you most want.” – Jodee Bock

Discussion turns to why we should be solution seekers, not problem solvers. Tell someone what to do and it’s your solution, not theirs. They don’t need to own it and guess who gets the blame if it goes wrong? That’s right… you!

It may all be theoretical, but ask yourself… If you were the bravest version of yourself today, what would you be doing? You can’t do it? Screw that! What would it look like if you did, harness the power of visualisation and have fun playing the ‘what if’ game.

With that in mind… ‘What needs to change in your thinking to take that action?’

The key is to know how to make things important to us. Crack that one and then who knows, maybe one day Jason will hit the gym.

We are then treated to a snippet which, judging by Jason’s unbridled giggling, he suspects might resonate with Joey… ‘Be aware of the times you want to impress people with your brilliant knowledge. That’s a perfect time for a powerful question.’

A lively debate continues, driven by questions such as ‘Is this really all I think I deserve?’, ‘What’s your biggest challenge these days?’ and ‘What are you pretending not to know?’, before the inevitable march of time draws a curtain over the whole affair and we are left hoping for a second instalment.

Before leaving though, we are encouraged to think about why it is that everyone is so concerned about what people do. After all, it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are

Oh yes folks…

The Grind is positive; The Grind is life.

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