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Nov 29, 2018

Welcome back to The Grind, this week the boys are unsupervised again, which leads to some filter-less philosophizing and some brilliant nuggets of insight. 

“A goal asks, what do I want? A theme asks, who am I as a person?”

This week starts off with the guys discussing work life balance, Joey bring up some problems he sees with the culture and Jason talks about how most people should probably take more time for themselves away from work. It’s the time of year for goal setting and in that vein Joey and Jason debate the proper way to orient your life goals. Joey presents the idea of outcomes vs identity and Jason describes the importance of asking yourself the right questions from the outset. The guys then throw out some useful tips for setting more appropriate goals, like setting end times and making them more family-centric. Joey then goes deeper into themes vs goals and why one is more conducive to success.

“Don’t chase happiness, choose happiness.”

The next topic Joey and Jason discuss is about the real-world tangibility of your targets and why being able to tear yourself away from work when you planned to, is a great ability to develop. The guys unpack how social media and modern technology has made this more difficult because of the constantly connected culture it’s associated with. Joey and Jason find that the themes that they were previously discussing could be a productive methodology for addressing problems like overuse of social media. Another recurring theme of the grind is not obsessing over your goals, this week Joey talks about it in terms of choosing happiness and seeing it as a decision instead of a goal. Jason talks about how this can help alleviate problems with letting work overtake your personal life.

The guys discuss priorities further and how proper prioritization can even make you a better person, as well as assist your professional life. Jason talks about how this ties in to personal alignment and the guys go over some preferable example themes to base your goals around. After a little conclusive discussion Jason and Joey sign off. until next week, Grind on.

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