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Apr 11, 2019

“Always use laughter, fun and humour daily, no matter what, don’t take things to seriously”.


This week on the Grind we join Joey amidst a week of no coffee, and a month of no social media. Joey is considering a name change for the podcast. The boys are also considering the meaning of ‘the grind’ itself. What is it? How often should you take breaks? And where are the areas in your life that you can’t use ‘The Grind’ philosophy? These are questions Joey and Jason often consider on the podcast, but today they focus on why you should CHOOSE to enjoy life whenever possible and highlight to anyone who wasn’t aware that it is indeed possible to do that.


“The Grind is good for business, but your business shouldn’t rule your life”


After Joey’s recent loss, time and making the most of life is at the forefront of the conversation for most of the episode. Joey and Jason orient their regular topics towards that paradigm, and it gives some useful additions to their commentaries. They guys are able to present some of the more complicated subjects they tackle in a binary form and help to boil the issues down to their components. Risk, loss, priorities and goals are the name of the game and like Joey says, we all have to figure those out for ourselves.


“sometimes you have to enjoy the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing”.


Another important question the guys consider is whether or not they are hippies. A question that is becoming tougher to answer as the years progress and the lines between generations blur. After thinking on that for a bit Joey and Jason think about how often they take life to seriously and what people can do to avoid that scenario. Jason also goes further into the idea of surrendering, and he talks about more reasons why you need to tame the voice in your head. Joey explains the principles and mantras that he is using to remind himself of his themes on a daily basis. And he then explains why you need to have foundational principles to be successful in almost all endeavours.


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