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Dec 21, 2017

“There’s certain aspects of life that just go flying right past you because you’re so rigid. There’s got to be a medium. You can have every second planned, but then I think you have to be prepared to relinquish control” – Joey Torkildson  


A fully time-blocked calendar is often said to be the signature of a successful person, but does an over-filled work schedule negate our ability to make deeper connections and live our lives to the fullest? In this episode of The Grind, Jason and Joey challenge this concept as they discuss the importance of balance in work-life scheduling, and its impact on performance. 


A “no-plan-plan” sounds like an impossible ideal to many of those working in high octane businesses. In order to make the desired figures, a work week should surely be filled up to the brim with client meetings, appointments and presentations. However, Joey believes that it is this school of thought that can cause us to be spread too thin among our commitments, leading us to exhaustion of the mind and body, preventing us from creating firm connections with others, and giving 100% in everything we do. 


Part of the pressure to over-schedule our lives comes from the rise of cell-phone addiction. The constant use of smart phones and social media means that we are permanently contactable, leaving very little free space for us to spend simply going with the flow, going wherever life takes us. Joey and Jason both agree that a happy medium is in order. Finding a balance between keeping a busy schedule, but also having the ability to disconnect completely. As difficult as it may sound, many successful figures have been able to do this, perhaps it could even be a contributing factor to their success?  


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