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Dec 27, 2018

This episode of The Grind see’s Joey and Jason reflecting on the power of change in different aspects of their lives, they start by exploring future changes and themes that they foresee for 2019. Joey talks about curveballs, why you should always be ready for change and how you can fit that into your overall theme. Jason brings up patience and why it is important to not demand immediate change but be ready for when it finds you. Jason also discusses his theme for 2019 and why he chose family and focusing on what’s important.


“Things happen because they are supposed to happen”


The conversation takes a deeper turn as Joey and Jason begin to discuss different outlooks and how they can manifest different realities. Focusing on patience and peace, the guys emphasise the benefits of a perpetual optimism and how positivity creates a cyclical pattern of progress, while negativity can create the opposite effect. Following on from this, the guys talk about the acceleration of growth humanity is experiencing and how it is affecting people. Jason then asks Joey how he personally deals with big changes in his life, Joey explains how he thrives whilst things are in flux and probably welcomes change more than most.


“It makes it so you can look at 2019 and go, yeah! I can do this”.


The next topic of discussion is stress and how it can compound into anxiety, the guys go into how this can negatively affect you, what conditions can bring it about and what you can do to alleviate it. Joey talks about how some people find it more difficult to adapt than others, before going into what it means to be present and the benefits of reflecting in real time. Jason talks a bit about consumerism and people’s constantly increasing need for stuff, before commenting on how much less time parents have these days as a result of providing as much extra curricular activity as possible for their children. Finally, Jason and Joey discuss how to avoid burnout and how to detect it before it hits, before signing of for this week. Happy Holidays Grinders.


“It’s just as exciting to be where we are as where we are going”.


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