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Aug 24, 2017

“You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.” Mel Robbins 

 Joey and Jason explore the ideas around making sure you have a successful work/life balance. Remember the days when kids were lining the streets playing outside or what it was like before we all had smart phones? Skype, Facebook and other modern technology are here to stay so how do we cope with being connected all the time? Should you check your work emails late at night or business calls on weekends? Both Joey and Jason share their recent experiences of having two phones. Did it help balance their life or did they end up just looking like ‘that guy’ everyone laughs at with his two phones?  

 Joey explains his newest way of working, which is all about setting your expectation, for your clients, your work, your family and for yourself. Jason talks about working harder or smarter and he helps us understand that you don’t need to choose between success at work and a happy life at home, you can have both!  

 Referring to an old favorite Mel Robbins and her ‘5 second rule’, Joey gets into the detail of how important it is to set an ‘end time’ to your working day. Meaning you decide what time to stop working at the start of that day and you finish at that time, then you’re done, no matter what! You don’t take or return calls or check your email until the next business day! Sounds tough, right? Find out if Joey has managed to implement this! 

 As always, The Grind is designed to uplift and motivate you but also wants you to feel happy, put yourself at number one and help set yourself on the path to success. Joey and Jason share they stories of success and give the right advice if you want to make it, not just in the real estate business but life in general.  



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