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Mar 21, 2019

On this Special one hundredth episode of The Grind we feature returning guest of the show Jeb Blount. Jeb is the CEO of Sales Gravy, Keynote speaker, Sales Acceleration Specialist, author of ten books and most importantly, guest of one of the first episodes of The Grind.


Jason and Joey start episode 100 with a reflection on their podcast journey and how far they have come since episode 1.  They continue that theme into the interview with Jeb as they begin to discuss milestones and why you should look back on the journey whenever you achieve a meaningful goal. The guys then talk to Jeb about a common theme that runs through all their lives, in that they all draw content from their daily lives and how they maintain a work-life balance.


The Main theme of this episode is dealing with rejection. To start off, Jeb talks about why rejection causes a measurable biological effect, and how you can deal with it healthily. The guys then discuss the nature of why we fear rejection and how it ties into the self-preservation instinct. Jeb brings up the failed techniques that permeate our society for dealing with rejection, and how understanding your purpose can alleviate the negativity associated with rejection.


Joey begins the next section by asking Jeb if it’s possible to train anyone to get past their fear of rejection. After his answer, Jeb talks a bit about empathy and the different levels of it that people can experience, how this can affect you and why assertiveness is important. Jason and Joey elaborate on the three characteristics that make great sales people, relaxed, confident and assertive. They also discuss why those characteristics make people want to talk to you. To finish up Joey asks Jeb if the phone is dead, and the guys debate how relevant person to person calls are. Happy episode 100. Grind on.


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