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Jun 14, 2018

The Grind is back with episode 60 and guest Gene Volpe, founder of GDI Media, speaker and national marketing expert. Joey, Jason and Gene spend this episode outlining the benefits, pitfalls and how to properly engage with social media.


“Consistency compounds, and so does inconsistency”


After the guys discuss their sleep habits and learn that Gene works up to 2am most nights, Joey asks him to elaborate on how business owners can prevent being overwhelmed by social media. Gene elaborates on the importance of momentum, how you don’t have to post all the time, but it does help.


Jason then goes through some of the pitfalls of restricting yourself to short-term engagement on social media. This leads into a discussion on the importance of general social media literacy across industries, and how you should avoid being left behind. Also on the table is the dangers of licensing and why you should properly source your social resources.


Gene drops some sage data points on Jason and Joey about brand and logo recognition, and the necessity of repeat exposure to certain marketing points.


The next topic the group explores is the idea of quality vs quantity within social media. The importance of distinguishing yourself and setting yourself apart from the crowd via consistency, without creating a negative online persona. Gene postulates that the best way to quantify whether or not you are doing it right, is with monitoring of real world interactions, not analytics.


“The higher the monkey climbs up a tree, the more his ass is exposed”.


The previous topic leads into the group discussing the fact that sometimes, being ‘annoyingly’ exposed on social media. When people get fed if you saturate a social space with content. And how that bi-product of consistent content creation is less of a downside than you think and can actually become a positive. Basically haters are just another part of embracing the suck.


In the next exchange Gene covers why the social media space is not a place to be bashful. People tend to not post certain things out of a fear of being perceived as boasting. Whereas in reality posting those things can often have the effect of inspiring more people to do the same. On the other side of the same coin, Gene offers a reason why you should show vulnerability on your social media spaces. The idea being that social media has highlighted the fact that everyone is flawed. So when you see a perfect representation of someone on social media, you’re seeing a liar.


Finishing up on how using social media correctly can help you skip traditionally essential steps in networking/marketing, The boys have to cut it abruptly as Jason has to go on possibly the most dangerous grind…..the school run!.


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