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Feb 28, 2019

“Be detached from the outcome but enjoy the process”.

This week on the Grind, Joey is holding down the fort for a solo interview with Tom Wheeler. Tom is a young, up and coming agent with Keller Williams and at 22 he already has 4 years of experience. The theme of this episode is defining moments and how you should try to react to and perceive them. Joey and Tom initially discuss what drove him to push past the stigma associated with younger estate agents, and Tom talks about how the entrepreneurial aspect of real estate helped fuel his passion. Joey brings up the intuition that a person feels when they are in the right position in life and the guys discuss some methods for analysing whether you are moving towards that or not.

“I am in full control of the abundance in the universe”.

Next, Tom and Joey talk about not being obsessed with the destination but focusing on enjoying the journey. Tom talks about how it can be useful to disregard other people’s expectations when setting them for yourself. He then brings up anxiety, and Tom explains how anxiety is born out of lack of control and how understanding that can lead you to let go of that need for control. Joey unpacks how the element of not being present in modern life (due mainly to technology) can be massively detrimental to your awareness of opportunities.

“The power of the pause is so extreme”.

Following the discussion on being present, Tom and Joey throw some ideas back and forth about perception and how you can use a positive mindset as a tool to reduce the damage from negative experiences. The guys bookend this by making a point about balance and how none of this works without taking balance into account. Tom tells some anecdotes about some moments of reflection he has had, and Joey builds on this by talking about the importance of pausing, whether it’s pausing work, your worries or the expectations of others. Joey finishes up by explaining to Tom how far ahead of his peers he is at 22, and the guys give some final thoughts on the discussion.


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