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Aug 23, 2018

This episode of the Grind see’s the return of Gene Volpe, founder of GVI media and one of Jason and Joey’s favourite guests. But first the guys talk a little bit about the realities of seeking a flow state and how getting comfortable with ‘the suck’ is about upheaval of habitual behaviours. Joey speaks about how Gene’s current struggles are perfectly parallel to how they describe the grind itself and how he expects this week’s discussion to go. Spoiler alert, he’s excited.


“Extreme ownership of everything you do is key”


The Conversation with Gene and the boys starts with the most important discussion of our time, what is the proper pronunciation of bagel? After a good laugh the guys get down to business. Gene gives us a rundown of some recent peaks and valleys in his life, how those effected his mentality and in turn how that affected his business and what he is doing to counteract it. This exploration touches on how it feels to live whilst striving for empowerment over your own life and simultaneously loosing control over other aspects of it. Joey talks about how fear plays into this mindset and how best to placate it.


“you are going to have peaks and valleys, that’s a guarantee”


Joey continues to explore why it is important to maintain areas of control in your life, so when things happen that are out of your control it doesn’t overwhelm you. This leads into the discussion about the miracle morning and how starting your day of strong can positively affect the whole day. The guys talk about how sleep plays a large role in this methodology, and how the only thing governing your life if you don’t actively pursue these avenues is luck. In a similar vein the next topic is diet, also couched in the perspective of alleviating future suffering through pre-emptive maintenance. This is the main theme of this episode and the gang offers various inspirational anecdotes that inspire dedication to self-betterment.


“give yourself the best odds for success”


Jason brings up how humans psychologically associate things that are bad for you (alcohol, fatty foods etc) with happiness, and how that can form a mental roadblock for most people and impede their advances. Gene then give us some examples of positive rewards he reinforces in his mind to stop negativity from slowing him down. The next topic is expectations, the importance of not setting them to high and avoiding disappointment. Which surprise surprise Joey turns into talking about stoicism, but to be fair, it is always relevant. Gene closes with a little description about GVI media and how he benefits companies and individuals.


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