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Jun 6, 2019

How can caring less lead to creating better content? What does abundance and joy have to do with a man burning alive? Joey and Jason talk this week about taking your mask off and shedding the unnecessary negative feedback that stops you enjoying life to it’s fullest, or…not giving a *$%]


Priorities are always a subject of contention on this show, and a source of constant improvement for most people. It is a constant battle to balance your day to day desires for comfort and convenience with longer term goals like family and career. Going one level further means deciphering which one of those two takes precedence over the other. That is going to look different for most people, Joey and Jason talk about a ‘desire map’ exercise, as a means to figure out what yours might look like.


Joey tells a story about an 8th grade commencement speech he gave recently, and the porch beer philosophising that came after. His epiphany… stop chasing stuff, instead figure out why you want those things in the first place. Being in a place of abundance and joy is not intrinsically linked to being in a good place monetarily. The guys then talk about how addiction plays a role in this equation, it’s also a useful study on the extremes of human desire. The catch 22 being that everyone thinks they want what people like Grant Cardone have, but most people are not willing to sacrifice what is required to get there.


The books referenced this week are ‘It’s not your money, How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance’ by Tosha Silver and ‘On Fire’ by John O'Leary. Jason tells a nice story about how audiobooks can provide a great bonding experience for your family. Then Joey and Jason get back into debating the practical difference between wants and needs. Joey gives examples about his family’s choice for a day by the pool instead of a day out, his need/constant in that instance is spending time with his family, His want/desire is to be at an awesome water park instead of his home. The guys spend some time extrapolating this idea.


Jason and Joey then Go deep. Do we live in a deterministic universe? How much do your choices really matter? Some very big questions for a podcast but the guys do actually make some headway and settle on the idea that the worst action you can take is procrastination. After a little reflection on their podcast journey Joey and Jason sign off for another episode. Grind On.



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