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Aug 2, 2018

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect”.


Episode 67 of The Grind, and Joey and Jason waste no time getting into the weeks topics. The guys take a moment to discuss how much time you can waste when you have no direction, and they relate this to how much you can benefit from a coach, a mentor or just some direction in your life. Joey and Jason then give this week’s guest Annie Grace a healthy introduction, talking about her book and how it affected both of their mindsets.


“I got done with that book, and for some reason I didn’t want another drink”.


To begin the interview Joey asks Annie how she created such a powerful core message that has seen such success. Annie discusses the subconscious element of her ideas and how people react to confronting information unfamiliar to them. She talks about the fact that a lot of the thought processes that go into drinking are totally unconscious. Something most people don’t address, so when they do it can have a transformative affect. Annie and the boys then consider the archetypes and common myths that perpetuate alcoholism in our society, the importance of not overburdening yourself with expectations and they also go in depth on the psychological aspects of addiction.


Annie continuously highlights the benefits of not ‘trying to stop drinking’ but to instead focus on paying attention to yourself and approaching life in a step by step manner. The machinations of the former mindset is something that takes the gang a bit of time to unpack. For the remainder of the podcast  Joey and Jason pick Annie’s brain about the power of alcohol marketing, it’s correlation with the tobacco industry, peoples misconceptions about day to day drinking and the glorification of binge culture and it’s negative affects on society.


Annie closes out the podcast with some food for thought. She presents some prescient statistics and a mark twain quote that bear extreme relevance to the episode and the zeitgeist around drinking in the modern day.


Annie Grace


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